April is Child Abuse Awareness Month

April is recognized nationally as child abuse prevention month.  With support from our local law enforcement agencies, court advocates and case workers, our office is on the front lines of fighting child abuse and neglect cases. As part of a community effort, our office is joining the Blue Ribbon Campaign, sponsored by the Family Nurturing Center, to bring awareness and help end child abuse. 

“There is no excuse for child abuse,” is the well-known slogan but many people in our community and in our country do not know the frequency in which these crimes occur.  Additionally, all Kentuckians are legally obligated to report a child being neglected or abused to either their local law enforcement agency, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services or their County Attorney. Kentucky Revised Statute 620.030 states that failure to do so is punishable by law. 

Child neglect and abuse cases are confidential in nature and handled in the closed doors of Family Court.  Unfortunately, the public is unable to truly understand the conditions that children in our community grow up in.  Children right here in Kenton County face such traumas as incarcerated parents, drug and alcohol addicted parents, sexual and physical abuse and emotional and medical neglect. It is of paramount importance that citizens urge their local legislatures to continue to fund programs that provide free or low cost trauma based counseling for these victims so that they may have a chance to grow into healthy and stable members of the community and raise healthy children of their own.  

Our office employs two full time Assistant Kenton County Attorneys that are solely dedicated to fighting for these young victims everyday.  Our hope is that one day there will no longer be cases to fight for.  However, we will continue to use all available resources to protect these children and to be their voice in the court room. 

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Posted April 10, 2018 at 01:02 PM