Kenton Child Support- Protecting Children & Families

Federal law requires that every state have a system for administering and collecting child support. Kentucky, as well as most other states, uses a program that incorporates a child support office in each county. The Kenton County Child Support Office remains committed to helping custodial parents establish paternity, setting and modifying child support orders, as well as collecting, disbursing, and enforcing those orders. 

Our caseworkers and attorneys work in the Family, District, and Circuit Courts of Kenton County to ensure the children in our community are provided for and that we cooperate with the Division of Income Support, using all available administrative actions in enforcing and collecting child support.  Nearly $18 million dollars of support was collected in 2015 with over 12,000 current cases.  This ranks Kenton County as one of the busiest offices in the state.  

 "We are steadfast in our mission to collect and enforce the child support obligations for the children of Kenton County. Using all civil, criminal, and administrative means available, we seek to ensure every child is supported in Kenton County under the laws of the Commonwealth," said Galen Myers, Director of the Kenton County Child Support Office. 

A child support case can be initiated by calling or coming into the office to complete an application for services. A photo ID and copies of any existing Court Orders will be required. The Child Support Office is open to the general public and services are provided to all Kenton County residents. 


Posted March 24, 2023 at 11:25 AM