Legislative Update

Tim's Law Helps Fill Gap for Mental Health
During this past legislative session the Kentucky General Assembly passed SB 91, known as "Tim's Law" in hopes of stemming the cycle of hospitalizations and/or incarceration for those suffering from a mental illness.  Currently a family member can petition the Court to involuntarily hospitalize a loved one who has been diagnosed with a mental illness and is at risk of harm to themselves or others. This new law will allow a judge to order assisted outpatient treatment in that person's home community in lieu of hospitalization, if the individual has been previously involuntarily hospitalized at least twice in a twelve (12) month period and otherwise qualifies.  Please contact us at 859-491-0600 with any questions about the involuntary hospitalization process.

Protection in Tenant Agreements for Victims of Domestic Violence

House Bill 309 will allow victims of domestic violence the ability to terminate a lease agreement with 30 days notice to their landlords.A variety of court orders will qualify under this ACT.They are also protected from being denied a lease because of their history as domestic violence victims.  To learn more please visit
Posted July 18, 2017 at 02:04 PM