Domestic Violence Resources

Domestic Violence Resources

Kentucky law has long allowed a person who is the victim of “domestic violence” to seek a protective order.  This order can require the “abuser” to vacate a shared residence, to have no contact with the “victim”, to restrict the places the abuser can visit and place the offender on a global positioning device.  This protection has been available for many years to family members, members of a married or formerly married couple, members of an unmarried couple who currently live together or formerly lived together, or have a child in common.   Recently, the Kentucky General Assembly expanded the definition of “members of an unmarried couple” to include people who are or have previously been in a dating relationship.  The amended statute describes a “dating relationship” as one of “a romantic or intimate nature.”

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If the Court issues an order of protection you should notify your employer/school and provide them a copy of the order.  They will not otherwise be notified.


Emergency resources in Kenton County:                                                                                                                       

Kenton County Police

Kentucky State Police

Women's Crisis Center

24 hour crisis line

Kenton County District-Court Protective Orders

Cabinet for Families and Children

County Attorney's Office

Mental Health

Commonwealth Attorney's Office