New Booster Seat Law Goes Into Effect

The 2015 General Assembly passed new legislation that will increase the age and height requirements for child booster seats. This new state law is aimed to increase the safety for children riding in motor vehicles.

The new law will require children to remain in a booster seat until they are at least eight (8) years old and fifty seven (57) inches in height. A child who is greater than fifty-seven (57) inches in height, regardless of age, will not be required to be secured in a child booster seat. "The key issue is to keep children safe. Having a seat belt that properly fits across a child's shoulders and lap will protect them in case of an accident," noted Kenton County Attorney Stacy Tapke.

Another important issue that is often overlooked is the proper installation car seats and booster seats. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most removable seats are improperly installed. Be sure to follow manufacture instructions and tips each time a seat is put back into the car. County Attorney Tapke recommends that first-time users contact local police or fire department personnel to set up an appointment to have your child's seat properly installed. "Several police and fire departments in Kenton County are certified to install and check car seat installations at no charge," Tapke said, "and as a mom I know: the peace of mind of knowing the seat is correctly installed is worth the few minutes of time it takes to have the installation checked by certified personnel."

Posted May 4, 2015 at 09:37 AM