Be A Step Ahead Of Child Predators

During the month of April organizations around the Commonwealth participated in the Blue Ribbon Campaign for Child Abuse Awareness.   Protecting Your Children: Advice From Child Molesters, a training sponsored by Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Criminal Justice, taught trainees that the old saying “Don’t talk to strangers” is actually misleading when it comes to child abuse.     

The eight hour training was presented by Cory Jewell Jensen, M.S., CCSOT, a national renowned speaker who has treated sex offenders for 30 years.  She shared her experience and expertise with prosecutors, law enforcement, social workers, victim advocates, educators and others in a position to protect children. The training focused on the techniques used by pedophiles to target, seduce and exploit children, and the mindset and traits that lead them to offend.
Research indicates that one in five children will be sexually abused.  Sadly, the offenders are often someone close to the family or one of many professionals or volunteer staff who come in contact with children everyday.  Offenders work just as hard to deceive adults as they do to seduce their victims, and because their victims usually know and trust them, fewer than 5% are reported and successfully prosecuted.  
There is no substitute for an adult taking an active role in the safety of their child.  The Kentucky Attorney General’s Office has future training opportunities available on this topic among many others.   You can find a full list of dates and resources by visiting the Kentucky Attorney General.   

Stay tuned to our website and future newsletters about upcoming training opportunities.

Posted May 12, 2016 at 08:43 AM