Child Support

Kenton County Child Support Program

Title IV-D of the Social Security Act is a direct result of the Federal Government’s efforts to assist custodial parents with the process of receiving child support payments and Medicaid insurance.

IV-D is an administrative contract, between the state and the county attorney or, in some cases, the attorney general to collect and monitor child support payments.

The goals of the Child Support office are:

  • Monitor child support payments
  • Fulfill the performance goals set by the Commonwealth of Kentucky
  • Establish paternity
  • Enforce child support orders from the state and the courts
  • Establish a Medical Support Order

Federal law requires that every state have a system for administering and collecting child support. Kentucky, as well as most other states, uses a program that incorporates a child support office in each county. The Kenton County Child Support office provides a wide range of services including:

(a) Establishing paternity if the parents are not married.
(b) Establishing court orders which set child support amounts.
(c) Obtain court orders which modify child support amounts.
(d) Use any legal means to collect child support and enforce court orders if support is not being paid.

The Kenton County Child Support Office currently has over 12,000 open child support cases, making it the third largest and most active county in the Commonwealth behind only Jefferson and Fayette. The Kenton County office receives over 1,500 phone calls weekly. In addition, they conduct more than 180 client appointments as well as taking court cases in excess of 250 each month.

A child support case can be initiated by calling or coming into the office to complete an application for services. A photo ID and copies of any existing Court Orders will be required. If there is not an existing Order for support, a case will be filed with the Kenton County Family Court. 

Once a Court Order is established requiring a parent to pay child support, the Child Support Office will take steps to collect the payments by sending a Wage Withholding Order to the paying parent’s employer.  Those payments are then tracked and disbursed based on calculations of the arrears as they accumulate or change due to retirement or life events. If payments are not made per the Order, there are a number of enforcement tools available. In Kentucky, a parent convicted of felony non-payment can be sentenced to serve jail time. While we take this final step, only as a last resort, we regularly prosecute parents for felony non-support.

The Child Support Office is open to the general public and services are provided to all Kenton County residents regardless of income. You can walk in and see a caseworker or you can make an appointment with an attorney. The appointment date can take up to four weeks to get, because of the heavy demand for our services. There are only two Family Court Judges in Kenton County, and thousands of cases needing to be heard, it takes approximately 90 days for a case to initially reach court after our office has filed the paper work. However there are ways to help speed up the process by having important information with you when first contacting the Child Support office. Knowing the address, phone number and place of employment for the parent ordered to pay child support can save a great deal of time.

It is important to understand that the attorneys at the Child Support office do not provide legal representation to the parent or guardian as a private attorney would, but rather administers the laws of Kentucky to see that support is set and paid according to Kentucky Law. All of these services are provided by the state so there is no cost or fee to the public.