County Attorney Partners with local Universities on Child Advocacy Program

Our office is charged with the very difficult and emotional job of prosecuting Child Abuse and Neglect cases.   Our Assistant County Attorneys work closely with the police officers who investigate the abuse, the social workers who substantiate and monitor the situation, the children and their families, and the judges in the court system. The goal always is to ensure the best interest of the child victim.   

A recently developed program is designed to take the task of advocacy one step further.  Assistant Kenton County Attorney, Kelly Leonard, saw a need and opportunity and has launched a program that will better train those working with child abuse victims.  “I have talked with teachers of these children as well as consulted with nurses and doctors who deal with the physical symptoms of neglect and abuse.  I have come to know that these professionals truly care about children. I also know most young professionals coming out of college or graduate school are insufficiently trained on how to recognize and deal effectively with the child abuse they face,” said Mrs. Leonard.    

She is currently working with Miami University and Northern Kentucky University to establish a Child Advocacy Certificate Program. The program is designed to provide quality course work, evidence based responses to child neglect and abuse and experiential learning opportunities.  The goal is for the students  to learn the skills needed  to work effectively within the multitude of systems involved in child abuse (health care, education, law enforcement, social services) leading to more effective  intervention and prevention.  The better trained the professionals are the safer our children will be. 

Posted February 10, 2016 at 12:22 PM